APSA 2016

Committee on Concepts and Methods – Call for Papers – APSA 2016


The APSA Related Group on Concepts and Methods (C&M, http://www.concepts-methods.org/) is a bridge-building group that brings together qualitative and quantitative, positivist and interpretivist, empirically and theoretically oriented scholars from all subfields to consider fundamental issues in concept analysis/formation and research methodology.


While C&M is open to work on all conceptual and methodological topics, for the 2016 meeting we are especially interested in receiving paper or panel proposals that address the relationship of concepts and methods to gender and intersectionality. How do gender and/or intersectionality shape our concepts and methods?  We also welcome the submission of proposals with broader disciplinary relevance that address the study of Great Transformations, the APSA 2016 Annual Meeting theme.


Program Chair for APSA 2016: Robin L. Turner (rlturne1@butler.edu)

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