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12/5/2023Kvak MartinGroupsI am looking for those members of RC01, who might be interested to join one or more of the international research teams, which will focus on (re)conception of: (1.) classical theory of legitimation of political authority, (2) general theory of fascism, (3) general theory of communism.
8/31/2023Thiem AlrikCareer newsDear members, for everyone interested in learning about the full range of modern configurational comparative methods, I will be offering a 1-day live seminar introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA), Coincidence Analysis (CNA) and Combinational Regularity Analysis (CORA).
4/22/2023Chiliquinga Amaya JavierPublicationsChiliquinga-Amaya, Javier. 2023. “AUTONOMÍA Y CAPACIDAD ESTATAL: APUNTES PARA ESTUDIAR AL ESTADO DESDE LA CORRIENTE NEOWEBERIANA”. En Caminos de la ciencia política: movimientos sociales y estallidos sociales en América Latina, 59–77. Brasil: ALACIP.ía_y_caía_y_capacidad_estatal_en_Caminos_de_la_ciencia_política_movimientos_sociales_y_estallidos_sociales_en
7/23/2022Jha Mithilesh KumarPublicationsLanguage Politics and Public Sphere in North India: Making of the Maithili Movement (Oxford University Press, 2018)
4/27/2021Hofmann TobiasConferencesThe 10th Annual IPSA-NUS Summer School for Social Science Research Methods, July 5-16, 2021, offers a wide variety of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods courses that provide rigorous training in state-of-the-art research methods. Discounts are available until May 3, 2021.
2/11/2021Elkins ZacharyConferencesYou may have heard the news that IPSA 2021 has gone virtual. If you were planning to attend, IPSA sent out instructions on February 10 regarding your participation. We can only hope to make it to Lisbon, some day.
10/27/2020Boldyrev VitaliiConferencesResearcher of Centre for Global and Regional Studies of Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography FEB RAS participated at HK PSA Conference 2020 and presented a preliminary frame for complex rethinking of a state's existence which may be used for IR studies. Text is available at the pdf file.
9/3/2020Jose NickanorCareer newsEmergency Electrical Solutions
8/30/2020Concrete StampedCareer newsWe have began a partnership with a concrete installation provider, in Oklahoma. Looking forward to the future together!
8/30/2020Concrete StampedResearch projectsWe're doing research with a local concrete company. They provide excellent residential and commercial work.
8/28/2020Zsanders KyleCareer newsThis is a cool company I'm doing market research for
8/20/2020Burkett SteveCareer newsAnother great garage door company is Corpus Christi Garage Door. Very helpful staff.
8/20/2020Burkett SteveCareer newsI started working with Corpus Christi Garage Door Pros. Great people!
8/19/2020Zsanders KyleCareer newsDoing a PR study on this company!
8/18/2020Jose NickanorCareer newsOne way to check for electrical wire damage is to, believe it or not, feel for it. Do not touch any wiring directly but feel your power outlets for vibrations or heat.
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