The Committee on Concepts and Methods (C&M) is a Research Committee of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). Founded by Giovanni Sartori and friends, it was the first research committee recognized by IPSA in 1970. C&M remains one of the most active IPSA Research Committees. Its institutional home, and sponsor, traditionally rotates with its Chair.  It is currently housed at the University of Texas at Austin, after recent stays at CIDE in Mexico City and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. C&M promotes conceptual and methodological discussion in political science. It provides a forum of debate for adherents of methodological schools who otherwise tend to conduct their deliberations at separate tables.

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  • Membership in C&M is open to scholars worldwide and is free. It allows you to submit news, post course syllabi, vote in C&M elections, and share contact information and research interests with other members.
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IPSA Brisbane Meeting: For those headed to Brisbane, the C&M business meeting will be held Sunday, July 22, 12:45-1:45 pm, in room Foyer/Door 1/4-T20.  Please join us to meet other members and to discuss current initiatives.  


2018 Concept Award.  Congratulations to Alisha Holland, the 2008 winner for her work, "Forbearance."  See details here.  


In Memoriam.  On April 4, 2017, we lost a great one.  Giovanni Sartori was not only one of the most creative and influential thinkers of our time, but he was also somebody who built and fostered intellectual communities, including this research committee. To say that he will be missed is an enormous understatement.

Political Concepts

Jeffrey W. Paller, "Politics of Daily Life: Process, Networks, Spontaneity", September 2015

Political Methodology

Alena Drieschova, "Peirce’s Semeiotics: A Methodology for Bridging the Material-Ideational Divide in IR Scholarship", November 2014
7/18/2018 - Macedo Huaman Fredy Aldo
Hello: I share with you all an essay of mine that has just been published in the journal Estudios of ... more
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