Cas Mudde takes over as C&M Working Paper Series editor

The Committee on Concepts and Methods (C&M) announces that Andreas Schedler of CIDE Mexico City is stepping down as editor of our two C&M working paper series and that Cas Mudde of the University of Georgia will be taking over as the new editor.

C&M owes a large debt of gratitude to Andreas, who founded the working paper series back in 2005, and graciously stayed on as editor since that date. Over the past eight years he has published close to one hundred working papers that have collectively been viewed and downloaded many thousands of times. Putting out the two working paper series is now perhaps the most visible and important activity of C&M. Andreas leaves a strong and vibrant legacy. Cas, who has been a longtime member of the working paper series editorial board, has an exciting vision for the working paper series that builds upon and extends Andreas' work in exciting ways.

C&M would like to take this opportunity to invite IPSA members to consider submitting manuscripts to the working paper series. We are particularly interested in (a) interpretive and quantitative research; and (b) conceptual or methodological work from students of American Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, and Comparative Politics outside of Europe and Latin America.

Insofar as most papers included in the series are works-in-progress, suitable submissions will be reviewed with an aim of providing constructive feedback. The series thus offers both a platform for scholars to get their work out in preliminary form and an opportunity to receive what we hope are helpful suggestions for future revision.

To submit a manuscript to the C&M Working Paper series, send it to wp[at]

If you are not sure whether your paper will fit the series, please feel free to contact Cas Mudde (mudde[at] to discuss your paper.