Les Intraduisibles: English-Dutch


Een specifieke term voor wat geduid kan worden als de 'regeringsvorm', 'het staatsbestel' als geheel van regels, omgangsvormen en inrichting van een samenleving of deel daarvan: 'a form or process of civil goverenment or constitution.' This word is of specific interest as in Continental Europe, thus including Dutch (German and French) the original equivalent expression was politie (Polizei, police). It denoted the entire state activities (officers, regulations and the like, in let's roughly say, the absolute state. Mid 19th century the meaning of 'politie' became limited to the modern police, whereas in English 'polity' is still close to this meaning. In between 'politics' and 'policy' there is no Dutch equivalent, whilst in German and French, there is no equivalent for policy either (which is therefore usually equated with planning in these languages).

Rutgers Mark 3/7/2002