Working Papers

The Committee on Concepts and Methods periodically publishes two series of working papers that readers may consult and download at the C&M website.  The series is currently discontinued as the committee considers alternative publication outlets.

  • Political Concepts has contained work of excellence on political concepts and political language. It has sought to include innovative contributions to concept analysis, language usage, concept operationalization, and measurement.
  • Political Methodology has contained work of excellence on methods and methodology in the study of politics. It had invited innovative work on fundamental questions of research design, the construction and evaluation of empirical evidence, theory building and theory testing.

Traditionally, the committee has worked as follows:

Editorial Board

C&M working papers are meant to share work in progress in a timely way before formal publication. We publish work from all sub-disciplines and methodological traditions within political science. In addition to work-in-progress that will in a later stage end up in top journals, the C&M Series is also a place for high-quality, original conceptual and methodological work that is unlikely to be published (in that detail) in top journals. We think here in particular, but not exclusively, about extensive conceptual and methodological discussions in PhD dissertations and other large research projects, which are very valuable to the larger academic community, but will probably have to be seriously shortened (if not fully cut) in article or even book publications.

Submissions: All papers are subject to double-blind review by two reviewers, often including both a member of the Editorial Board and an external reviewer.The reviewers are encourage to provide constructive criticism, in particular on the conceptual and methodological innovation of the paper.

Authors interested in including their work in the C&M Series should send their paper to wp[at] They may also seek initial endorsement by one editorial board member. If you are not sure whether your paper fits the C&M Series, please feel free to discuss your potential submission with the editor, Cas Mudde, at mudde[at]

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