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8/31/2023Thiem AlrikCareer newsDear members, for everyone interested in learning about the full range of modern configurational comparative methods, I will be offering a 1-day live seminar introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA), Coincidence Analysis (CNA) and Combinational Regularity Analysis (CORA).
4/22/2023Chiliquinga Amaya JavierPublicationsChiliquinga-Amaya, Javier. 2023. “AUTONOMÍA Y CAPACIDAD ESTATAL: APUNTES PARA ESTUDIAR AL ESTADO DESDE LA CORRIENTE NEOWEBERIANA”. En Caminos de la ciencia política: movimientos sociales y estallidos sociales en América Latina, 59–77. Brasil: ALACIP.ía_y_caía_y_capacidad_estatal_en_Caminos_de_la_ciencia_política_movimientos_sociales_y_estallidos_sociales_en
7/23/2022Jha Mithilesh KumarPublicationsLanguage Politics and Public Sphere in North India: Making of the Maithili Movement (Oxford University Press, 2018)
2/25/2022Hijaz Carol HijazCall for papersRoofing Fredericksburg is a team of roofing experts you can trust. We have been serving the Fredericksburg region and surrounding areas for years. Our track record is built on unique craftsmanship, excellent products, and pristine service
2/25/2022Hijaz Carol HijazPublicationsree Service Fredericksburg is a team of licensed professionals that are experts on providing services ranging from land clearing and tree cutting and trimming to stump grinding and storm cleanup. Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation and we guarantee customer satisfaction!
2/25/2022Hijaz Carol HijazPublicationsOur team understands the importance of a clean house on productivity and mental health. We are passionate about providing a detail oriented cleaning service that makes you fall in love with your home after every clean.
2/25/2022Hijaz Carol HijazResearch projectsKeeping your lawn healthy and green doesn’t need to be a time-consuming, frustrating, or expensive process. We understand just how complicated yard maintenance can be, and that is why we offer our clients a wide variety of landscaping services throughout Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, & Stafford.
6/3/2021Droncioui JulieCareer newsWorkers may be needed!
4/27/2021Hofmann TobiasConferencesThe 10th Annual IPSA-NUS Summer School for Social Science Research Methods, July 5-16, 2021, offers a wide variety of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods courses that provide rigorous training in state-of-the-art research methods. Discounts are available until May 3, 2021.
2/11/2021Elkins ZacharyConferencesYou may have heard the news that IPSA 2021 has gone virtual. If you were planning to attend, IPSA sent out instructions on February 10 regarding your participation. We can only hope to make it to Lisbon, some day.
10/27/2020Boldyrev VitaliiConferencesResearcher of Centre for Global and Regional Studies of Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography FEB RAS participated at HK PSA Conference 2020 and presented a preliminary frame for complex rethinking of a state's existence which may be used for IR studies. Text is available at the pdf file.
9/3/2020Jose NickanorCareer newsProfessional Cabinet Makers in Melbourne
9/3/2020Jose NickanorCareer newsRegular repairs and periodic clean-ups by using mop and concrete cleaner will help you keep the classic beauty of these concrete flooring.
9/3/2020Jose NickanorCareer newsRegular concrete cleaning is the answer If you anticipate to preserve the stylishness and beauty of your polished concrete flooring
9/3/2020Jose NickanorCareer newsEmergency Electrical Solutions
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