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4/22/2023Chiliquinga Amaya JavierPublicationsChiliquinga-Amaya, Javier. 2023. “AUTONOMÍA Y CAPACIDAD ESTATAL: APUNTES PARA ESTUDIAR AL ESTADO DESDE LA CORRIENTE NEOWEBERIANA”. En Caminos de la ciencia política: movimientos sociales y estallidos sociales en América Latina, 59–77. Brasil: ALACIP.ía_y_caía_y_capacidad_estatal_en_Caminos_de_la_ciencia_política_movimientos_sociales_y_estallidos_sociales_en
7/23/2022Jha Mithilesh KumarPublicationsLanguage Politics and Public Sphere in North India: Making of the Maithili Movement (Oxford University Press, 2018)
7/23/2020Media Group HustlePublicationsAt Complete Tree Care, we offer the lawn care tree services Australia needs to keep its landscaping stunning. We provide the tree stump removal central coast residents can count on for their commercial or residential lawns. We also offer tree removal, tree cutting and trimming.
1/9/2020Morningstar LucyPublicationsHi guys, please try to visit our website. If you are looking for a high end cars. Please stop by our website.
12/19/2019Jose NickanorPublicationsBut what makes a bedroom a cosy and welcoming space? Some people say it’s the furniture while others believe it’s the wallpaper.
12/9/2019Coleman MichaelPublicationsStory Institute Acting School Vancouver Offers up to date techniques in all acting categories
12/3/2019Gilbertson HankPublicationsWe'd like to get the word out about our moving company based out of Saskatoon. We are a national moving company, and offer packing and furniture assembly as well.
8/13/2019Jose NickanorPublicationsA kitchen needs to be well lit to safely prepare food, but maintaining a homely atmosphere is also usually high up on people’s lists.
6/17/2019Jose NickanorPublicationsSmart light switches are smart power switches that are connected to the internet. They allow you to control the lighting, fans, and sockets in your home.
7/18/2018Macedo Huaman Fredy AldoPublicationsHello: I share with you all an essay of mine that has just been published in the journal Estudios of ITAM (Mexico): "Democratic politics in the contemporary turbulence". Regards!
11/6/2017López Rubí C. José RamónPublicationsEn la línea de "Les Intraduisibles", un diccionario de errores de traducción del inglés al español.
9/13/2017López Rubí C. José RamónPublicationsNuevo y breve diccionario "vivo" de "maltraducidos" (inglés-español).
9/8/2015Schaffer FredericPublicationsMy new book: Elucidating Social Science Concepts: An Interpretivist Guide
8/12/2015Perez Idiart HugoPublicationsGlosario: Autocategorización, Etología humana, Fronteras-Territorialidad, Fronteras geoculturales, Globalización , Identidad, Poder emergente, Pos-internacional, Racionalidad epistémica, Relativismo conceptual, etc.
2/17/2015Schaffer FredericPublications"Thin Descriptions: The Limits of Survey Research on the Meaning of Democracy," Polity 46,3 (2014): 303-30.
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