Les Intraduisibles: Dutch-English


State empire, kingdom, realm, domination (koninkrijk = kingdom) (also: rich, wealthy, opulent). "Rijks-" refers to governmental, not necessarily royal. Thus the Rijksmuseum is the national museum (but certainly not royal "koninklijk" museum). "Rijk" and "rijks" is often prefered to state ("staat") and national ("nationaal") and has a diffent meaning (whereas in German it is "Staats..", i.e. as in Staatsmuseum). Royal as a prefix ("koninklijk") is more rare and much more specific (see the entry "koninklijk"). "Rijksambt" is a government office, and "rijksbeheer" is state administration, "rijksbelasting" reads federal tax, and "rijksbestuur" is government of the country. "Rijksdienst": state service, but "Rijksluchtvaartdienst" is the Civil Aviation Authority, "Rijksmunt": coin of the realm or Royal Mint. As the examples illustrate, "rijk" refers to something as belonging to, being part of the state or central government.

Rutgers Mark 3/7/2002