Les Intraduisibles: German-English


One of the classics of "Les Intraduisibles": Hegel's 3-fold meaning of the term "aufheben" so central to his dialectic scheme of thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis: a) aufheben as "abolishing" (?beseitigen?) b) aufheben as "preserving" (?bewahren?) c) aufheben as "lifting up" (?hinaufheben?) Thesis and anti-thesis are "aufgehoben" in the synthesis, that is: each of them is abolished as such in the course of the process; the synthesis preserves something of both; and it lifts them up on a higher level (of historical development etc.). Maybe not "intranslatable" but you do need a whole paragraph of explanation for what a single verb achieved to say.

Hoffmann Bert 11/18/2005